City Playoffs!

Posted by Northwest Warriors on Feb 26 2018 at 12:04PM PST

Well we have made it through another regular season, and city playoffs are on our door step. If you haven’t consulted the schedule for playoffs please do so as soon as possible. (

Here are some reminders that will help make your playoff games run smoothly:

  • Take the time to read the Special Rules for City Playoffs – when you need them it will be too late to read them!
  • Know where your games are being played – we have a few new rinks that were recently added, so make sure you know where to go.
  • Start checking for officials a minimum of 20 minutes before game time (keep in mind they maybe the ones on the ice)
  • If your officials aren’t there 15 minutes before puck drop call your League Chair.
  • Make sure one of your coaches carries their skates, whistle and helmet with them to every game.
  • Teams are allowed to take the ice 5 minutes before their permit time, and no sooner! If you are on the ice 6 minutes before your game time you will be asked to get off – don’t be that team!
  • Time Keepers/Score Keepers and Penalty Box Parents – you are an extension of the referees and must be neutral at all times. If you can’t commit to this then don’t volunteer for these positions!
  • All game results must be updated ASAP, as the brackets can’t update until the information is in the system. Don’t be the one who holds up the games!
  • The most important reminder – Have Fun!!! This is an exciting time and the last thing we want to do is spoil it by being over-excited. Celebrate with consideration!

Good luck to all our teams!

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