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Posted by Northwest Warriors on Sep 15 2017 at 01:57PM PDT

We would like to start by saying “thank you” to our members and interested public for their feedback and patience. We would also like to thank Hockey Calgary and Hockey Alberta for their approach of letting the community decide what represents us. Most importantly, we would like to thank Chief Lee Crowchild and the Crowchild family for their support and assistance on this matter.

When the concern regarding our logo was raised, we took it very seriously. We would have liked to have been in a position to provide a quick and decisive response, but it was clear to us that we needed to be thorough and thoughtful, and most importantly to get direction from the Crowchild family. The naming of Crowchild Twin Arena and Crowchild Hockey Association, and the use of the Crowchild Blackhawks logo, was connected to honouring Chief David Crowchild. In view of the fact that the new Warriors logo came from this homage to the Crowchild family, their input was necessary to determine our future direction.

With that, Northwest Warriors leadership has met with Chief Lee Crowchild of the Tsuut’ina Nation, and will be working in partnership with the Tsuut’ina to update the Northwest Warriors logo. The process has already begun and we look forward to working with Tsuut’ina to develop updated imagery honouring Chief David Crowchild while considerate of our members and the communities we serve. The mission of Northwest Warriors will continue to be providing opportunities for young Calgarians in our community to participate in hockey in a safe, fair, stimulating, and respectful environment. We will do so while ensuring the connection to our communities and what it means to be a part of Northwest Warriors is known and fostered.

Chief Lee Crowchild and his family have indicated their support for the Northwest Warriors’ continued use of the current logo while the logo is updated and implemented. The timeline for implementation will be guided by the regular replacement of jerseys, likely over 3 years. The Northwest Warriors is committed to finding ways to speed up the implementation without putting undue financial hardship on our membership.

We look forward to a renewed and active relationship with the Crowchild family and the Tsuut’ina people, and to fulfilling on our mission as a community hockey organization.


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